January 21, 2021

Sara + Sam; Would be Wedding Day

Littles & Loves Photography

Well, where to start with this day. When Sara contacted me to say she wanted a "would be wedding" photoshoot as a surprise for her hubby to be Sam I got really excited! I LOVE shooting anything a bit different so when Sara said one of their first dates was in Knaresborough, my response was "Can we get a boat?!?!?" Getting ready for the day three things suddenly dawned on me:

1) I am not particularly strong.... Rowing a boat solo might be a challenge

2) I'll have to row AND take photos

3) The likelihood is alone I'll probably end up capsizing and both myself and my camera will be found at the bottom of Knaresborough river

So, I asked if she minded Dan (my fiancé) coming along with our little boy and the rest is history!

Here's a little bit about the day in Sara's words:

"I stumbled upon Fran’s page as I got lost in an Instagram virtual hole and I am so glad I did! I looked at her photos and fell in love with the natural look they had to them, which definitely suits Sam & I as he hates getting his photo taken. Forced and posed photos aren’t for us. 

After making the decision to postpone our wedding from September 2020 to May 2021, I made sure Fran was still available for our new date and we were so happy that she was! However, I didn’t want our original date to go unnoticed so I messaged Fran asking if she would still do a shoot for us that day as a ‘postponed wedding shoot’. I wanted it to be in Knaresborough as that’s where Sam took me on our first date in Yorkshire and to recreate what we did on that day. Fran loved the idea and I kept it a secret from Sam until nearer the time.

The day of the shoot was lovely as we got ourselves dressed up and headed over to Knaresborough. Fran had asked if she could bring Dan and Remy too and I thought it was a lovely idea and would help Sam get over his nerves talking to Dan. 

We felt so relaxed that day and it was like being out with friends. Remy became my little buddy and even asked to get in a picture with us; we couldn’t refuse! 

The photos turned out exactly how I wanted and we can look back on them remembering how special that day. Fran is now a forever friend and I am so excited for her to capture our real Wedding Day!"

I'm not crying... you are! I feel so lucky to have shared this day with these beautiful humans... here's a few photos from the day

“" Thank you so much, our photos really are gorgeous especially the ones on the boat! I'm so excited for our wedding photos now!

We really had the best day, thank you so much for helping capture it. It was like being with a friend!”